We Create Web Apps for a Decentralized World.

DocumenTree helps the world to decentralize itself into the future.  Our solutions employ internet technologies and economic principles to bring innovative answers to difficult problems.

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Our Web Apps for a Decentralized World


Tu Mesa Mesa is your online market for everything fresh, from Your Table or to Your Table.  

Everyone can participate.  If you are hungry for what is served, grown and created locally you can order and buy it here and get it delivered directly to your home or business.  If you have grown or created something that you want to share with your community you can create a menu of your products and start selling now.


dNews highlights the EOSIO community through news, education, resources and tools with the expressed purpose of promoting voting and governance participation inherent to the EOSIO consensus model of Delegated Proof of Stake(dPoS).

dNews’s mission is to develop a model of a Decentralized Autonomous Community(DAC) Publisher capable of enabling individuals editors or small publishing teams to be supported by a distributed community of cryptocurrency token holders.

To open source this DAC Publishing model to the world.

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